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MENU Specials

Quick Lunch (Mon–Fri from 11:00–3:00pm)

$10 Lunch Special

$10 Lunch Box

Our lunch box special features our most popular menu items, allowing your choice from over 20 authentic dishes.

Add $2 extra to substitute white rice with fried rice

Lunch Menu (every day 11:00am -3:00pm)

Smaller size &Lower Price

Fast & Tasty

Start from $1.95.

Only $3.99 Dining & Take Out

  • Monday: Sliced Tender Pork w Garlic Sauce

  • Tuesday: Never Forget Chicken

  • Wednesday: Mapo Tofu

  • Thuesday: Fried Chicken Wings(6)

  • Friday: Flutinous Rice Cake(6)

  • Saturday: Green Bean Jelly w Pork

  • Sunday: Szechuan Wonton(8)