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MENU Specials

Quick Lunch

$10 Lunch Special

$10 Lunch Box

Our lunch box special features our most popular menu items, allowing your choice from over 20 authentic dishes.

Available Mon–Fri from 11:00–3:00pm.

Wing Night

Tony's Chicken Wings with Three Chili

Take out orders over $50 get 10 FREE chicken wings.
Dine-in orders over $20/person get 3 free chicken wings.

Offer available Wednesdays from 5:00–9:00pm.

Weekend Tasting Menu (Any choice for $3)

  • Chicken Feet w/ Pickled Pepper
  • Szechuan Tender Tofu
  • Langya Potato
  • Szechuan Cold Noodle
  • Dan Dan Noodle
  • Zhong Dumplings (3)
  • Lao Ma Chao Show (3)
  • Szechuan Wonton (3)
  • Wonton in Chicken Broth (3)
  • Glutinous Rice Cake (3)
  • Sesame Ball (3)
  • Three Canon Glutinous Rice Ball (3)
  • Glutinous Rice Ball in Wine Sauce (3)
  • Combination Sago Soup
  • Sago Soup w/ Coconut Milk